US Soccer Changes Goal Size Changes: What do I need to do?

Small sided standards to change

If you have been paying attention recently you will have heard the news about some significant changes to youth soccer in the United States. This fall USSF (aka US Soccer Federation), the governing body of soccer in the US, announced the implementation of some important player development initiatives. The changes come namely in the form of small sided game standard alterations, and birth year registration date changes. The overarching goal of these changes is to "develop players with more: individual skill, intelligence, creativity and confidence."

As part of the small sided standards changes US Soccer is requesting that clubs change goal sizes for U6-U12 age groups (see chart from US Soccer below).

What does this mean for your club?

Clubs will need to make sure their teams have access to play games on fields equipped with updated goal sizes. This might be the clubs' responsibility if they own the fields and/or goals, or it might be the responsibility of the athletic facility where your club plays their games.

US Soccer recommends that, as a best practice, clubs make changes and have new goals in place by August 2016. US Soccer is requesting these changes to be in place by August 2017. At that point clubs will be expected to be compliant with all the new standards.

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Source: US Soccer Player Development Initiatives

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