We are Soccer Command, a one-stop shop for high quality soccer uniforms, soccer balls, and soccer equipment. We are obsessed with giving our customers five star customer service by offering 1-on-1 help whenever you  need it. We're striving to give you a seamless shopping experience by offering a wide range of products tailored to soccer participants of all levels. Whether you're a professional player, a coach, a highly-competitive youth player, club administrator, collegiate player, young recreational player, referee, or anything in-between we have made it our priority to equip you with what you need to take part in the beautiful game.

How It Started

Soccer Command was started in 2015 by George Carr, a soccer enthusiast who grew up playing and loving the game. After playing through high school and college he began coaching at the competitive youth level and eventually at the collegiate level. He has since set his sights on advancing the game in America by providing high quality soccer products and five star customer service to the soccer community. George, his wife, and his children are massive fans of The Arsenal!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to get you the quality soccer products you need at the best prices, all with the 1-on-1 customer service.

For years we have served thousands of customers across the United States, from high schools to clubs, amateur teams to recreational players, government agencies to soccer parents. We are proud to serve the entire soccer community to bolster the game by brining you the best soccer uniforms, soccer balls, and soccer equipment from around the globe.