What is a soccer training ball?

What is a soccer training ball used for?

Training balls are used primarily for individual or team training. It could be backyard juggling, kicking against a wall, playing pickup in the park, or it could be the ball you bring with you to soccer practice each day. Training balls are also a favorite for recreational programs as they don't require the use of match balls in games.

What is the quality of a soccer training ball?

Soccer training balls tend to be medium to high in quality and use long-wear materials in their construction. Meaning, they are built to stand up to heavy use with thousands and millions of touches over months and years. Most training balls on the market are machine stitched, and often times the external PU cover of the ball contains a thinner layer of foam which makes the ball harder to the touch (under 2.0 mm). In addition, the type of bladder used in training balls will give the ball a more stiff feel. Combined together, the PU cover thickness and bladder type will give the ball a different, less perfect feel when controlling and playing it with a pass or shot.

Which soccer training ball should I buy?

Price points for training balls can vary from around $20-$80. We like the Hummel Energizer Soccer Ball as a great entry level training ball. If you're looking for a ball that can stand the test of time, check out the Select Numero 10 v22 Soccer Ball. This is one of the top-selling soccer training balls on our website. At Soccer Command we carry a wide variety of both training balls with different designs at various price points. Check them out now!

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